Google Shopping Optimization: Learn the Anatomy of a Google Free Product Listing

Section 1: High-quality product image

  1. Google Shopping requires all product images to be at least 100 x 100 pixels. For clothing and apparel, the minimum requirement is 250 x 250 pixels, which is the recommended size for best results.
  2. Remember: More pixels = better resolution; So if your products are very detailed and intricate, you’ll want to increase resolution as much as possible.
  3. Never include more than one product in your product image. This can confuse shoppers. You’ll want to be as straightforward as possible about what you’re advertising.
  4. Never upload an image with logos or watermarks. This looks unprofessional — even if it’s your company’s logo.
  5. Don’t increase the scale of a low resolution image to compensate for its lack of size.

Section 2: Name and description of your product

Section 3: Product price, business website, & delivery information

  1. Price: There are a myriad ways you can arrive at your product’s price point. Value-based pricing is one proven method. There are also certain numbers that have been proven to appeal to shoppers. Products priced below a whole number, for example, win more sales on average. Also, the power of 9 can’t be ignored. It’s been proven that consumers are mesmerized by the number 9.
  2. Business website: Section 3 calls for a link to your business’s website. Adding this detail builds trust with your prospective customers and gives you and your products legitimacy. This is crucial.
  3. Delivery information: Be honest and forthright about your delivery capabilities. If you offer free shipping, section 3 is a great place to note that in bold letters! Your delivery timelines should be accurate, and perhaps even a bit more on the conservative side.

Section 4: Link to price comparisons

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Ancient history, philosophy, and mythology. Link to my website:

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Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold

Ancient history, philosophy, and mythology. Link to my website:

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